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The Best Gift is You!

Some Island children have a happier birthday because of you, our donors and supporters. Project Happy Birthday receives requests for children's birthday presents and this community responds generously. Thank you!

I'd like to share that Helpline House recently raised the age of Project Happy Birthday to extend to families who have children through high school. Previously, the age limit had been 12. We received a request for assistance with presents for a 13 year old and decided that simply because you're 13 -17, you should still be able to have presents and celebrate with family and friends.

We anticipate that the teenage requests we might get are likely to be for gift cards or electronics, and that these requests will increase the ask of the small but mighty group of current Project Happy Birthday volunteers. If you’d like to join this effort, we’d welcome some new faces to this amazing crew! I’ve signed up, myself, and look forward to having my kids help pick out presents for kids they don’t know but are their neighbors. If you’re interested in more information, please contact Tanya

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