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TODAY: Council Votes on Affordable Housing for Suzuki Property; Share Your Opinion

Care about affordable housing? Tell the City Council by email today or attend tonight's meeting!

Council members are voting at about 7:25pm this evening on a resolution regarding the proposed Suzuki property development. The resolution calls for various affordability measures. (Details below.)

Can't attend the meeting? Email the Council instead at Let them know if you support the project as defined in the resolution. Your voice matters!

If you attend the Council meeting, there is time allowed for individuals to make public statements.

The relevant language in the proposed resolution is as follows:

Section 2. The development services agreement shall incorporate the following goals:

  • A. The project shall be 100% affordable with the goal of achieving affordable housing for income levels of 30 – 120% AMI.

  • B. The project shall be a mix of rental and homeownership units.

  • C. The project shall create permanent affordable housing.

  • D. 50% of the land value related to the site will be contributed to the project by the City of Bainbridge Island.

  • E. Ownership of the project after permit approvals have been obtained will be as follows:

  1. Green space will be held in a land trust administered by a nonprofit or governmental entity;

  2. Homes for sale will be held in a community land trust to be administered by Housing Resources Bainbridge or a similar nonprofit entity. If necessary to assure permanent affordability, there should be deed restrictions and/or covenants providing for permanent affordability of the homes; and

  3. Homes for rental will be held by a partnership of Housing Kitsap and tax credit investors. In addition, there shall be deed restrictions and/or covenants providing for permanent affordability of the homes.

  • F. The project shall be designed to develop the optimal number of affordable housing units, consistent with the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, zoning requirements, the 2017 Environmental Assessment prepared by Environmental Science Associates (“ESA”), site characteristics, sustainable development practices, and financial considerations.

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