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First Quarter 

Second Quarter 

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter 

Podcasts & Articles 

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2021 Podcast: Compass & Clock's Mary Coupland talks with Maria Metzler, Executive Director about free services at Helpline House.

Turkey Trot leaves Helpline House stuffed with donations

Spring 2019 Page 26 Give and Receive

Food Donations Collected for Helpline House

Nonprofits struggled alongside clients during recession

Tools for School for local students  returning to online classrooms.

Press Releases

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K5 Team Harvest and Safeway Connect Bainbridge Community

DOWNLOAD: Official Helpline House logo

and Donation Webpage QR

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Helpline House's Guiding Principles for

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for

Social and Print Media

How we select photos and improve representation:

1. Collect fair representation. Select images to show a wide range of demographics and a

fair representation of our community members among our social media, website, quarterly

newsletters, thank you cards, posters and handouts, etc.

2. Show, Don't Tell. Reflect our organization's values through images of people or groups

through a lens of diversity and equity that represent, connect, uplift and support many

community households, staff members, board members, donors and volunteers throughout

the circle of giving and receiving all year long.

3. Take a step back. Review the following questions before publishing any of our creative

content, so we don't come off as insensitive:

  • Taking time before making a post or finalizing a campaign to think about the impact of our content.

  • Review content with questions such are we appropriating elements of a marginalized culture?

  • Are we using insensitive images, language or phrases that have racist origins or
    insensitive connotations?

  • Are we sharing the voice of someone who is considered racist or harmful to the BIPOC community?

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