Kids' Pantry

Kids' Pantry provides a prepacked bag of  kid-friendly breakfasts, lunches and snacks for each child in addition to the head of household's weekly shopping during winter break, mid-winter break, spring break and summer vacation.  Households experiencing unexpected financial stress may benefit from the Kids' Pantry bags and bridge the food gap so no one goes hungry. 

Who is eligible? All Bainbridge Islanders are eligible to use the food bank. No income questions are asked.  Shoppers select the food they need based on household size.  Helpline House considers everyone's needs to provide the best food possible.

Visit the front desk to find out other ways we can assist your household back to financial stability.  Confidential appointments with credentialed social workers are available cost-free to any community member seeking support or resources to solve a variety of problems.


Build a Healthy & Whole Community by volunteering or hosting a food drive.

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