Supporting neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis response.

How We Help

Professional services are provided cost-free to those in need by social services regardless of income. Needs are defined broadly and are not always financial. 


Confidential appointments with credentialed social workers are available cost-free to any community member seeking support or resources to solve a variety of problems.

There are four categories of social work assistance we offer, available to anyone who needs it. Each one is listed in the section below. Additional resources are also available.

All social workers at Helpline House are specially trained. They are responsible for the coordination of services with local, regional, state and federal agencies.

The Park District partners with Helpline House, discounts available.

Call Helpline House for a phone appointment with a case manager.

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Schedule a free, confidential phone appointment with a Helpline House case manager.

Call 206.842.7621 or email 

The intake coordinator will need your

  • primary contact phone number

  • primary email

  • availability between M-F | 9 am - 5 pm

  • a summary of your critical needs  

Types of Assistance


Assessing crisis needs and access to local, county, state, and federal emergency funds.


Working with local, county, state and federal programs to maximize for longer term solutions.

Coordinating with agencies like Kitsap Mental Health, the A.L.I.V.E. program & Kitsap Community Resources.


Outreach to senior services, assistance with prescription drugs & resources to keep seniors independent and more.

Do you need help with Washington Apple Health/Medicaid or Medicare?

Loss of health insurance may make you eligible for free or low-cost coverage through Washington Apple Health.

Turning 65 or a permanent disability may make enrollment into a Medicare plan your next step.

Get cost-free assistance.  Helpline House is a community nonprofit to be a guide to any community member needing information. Knowledgeable case managers are available by phone to help you navigate any local, state, and federal resource.  


Medicaid is a health coverage program operated by states, within broad federal guidelines. Although the federal government pays a portion of the costs, Medicaid is administered and operated by states, and each state's program is a little different depending on the needs and goals of that state. 

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Washington Apple Health

Get free and confidential assistance to sign up or renew your health and dental coverage. 


Medicare, the federal insurance plan for seniors, provides healthcare coverage for Americans 65 and older.

Get help navigating resources.

Case managers are here for any community member that needs help reaching and coordinating resources.

Schedule a free, confidential phone appointment with a Helpline House case manager.

New and returning clients call 206.842.7621or email

to schedule a cost-free phone or video call appointment.


The intake coordinator will need your

  • primary contact phone number

  • primary email

  • availability between M-F, 9 am - 5 pm

  • a summary of your critical need(s)  


Meet your social worker

A case manager will call you upon your scheduled time. If you prefer a video chat, assistance is available 

through a simple, secure, confidential face to face online talk. You can learn more from your case manager.

Resources for self-care and supporting others.

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Helpline House Food Bank and Social Services of Bainbridge Island

Helpline House is a community non-profit agency providing an umbrella of social services striving to help our Bainbridge Island neighbors to meet essential needs.  Basic services are provided cost-free, regardless of income.  Needs are defined broadly and not always financial.  Any community member in crisis or in need of consultation is welcome. 

Need after hours or emergency services?

Helpline House has a policy of non-discrimination regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, age, disability or veteran’s status, and is in compliance with all requirements of law and regulations with respect to employment, volunteer participation or service delivery. 


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Social Work

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