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Neighbor helping Neighbor means a Healthy & Whole Community for everyone.

Volunteers commit their time on a weekly or substitute basis.  Please review the volunteer handbook for more information.

It's now increasingly clear that the best way we can protect our workplace, our volunteers and our employees moving forward is with COVID-19 vaccine. Helpline House requires all staff and volunteers who interface with clients to complete the COVID-19 vaccine prior to volunteering on site.

However, if you are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons or otherwise, you can still volunteer with Helpline House. You will be required to wear a mask on the premises and will be performing tasks that don't involve directly interacting with clients. 

We understand some individuals may still have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.  Please email volunteerservices@helplinehouse.org with any questions.


Adult Volunteers Application

Adults learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

Our Volunteer Engagement and Support office will contact you by email to confirm your Meet & Greet and Tour when volunteer opportunities are available.

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Student Volunteers Application

Rising freshmen and high schoolers learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

We help keep track of your hours. Just let us know if you need a copy of your completed community service hours to verify your volunteering history.