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All services at Helpline House are cost-free, including social work appointments. Case management and counseling/therapy appointments are available to any community member in need and are not income-based.

Social workers navigate local, state, and federal resources for island residents coping with new sudden life changes, ie unstable housing concerns, mental health concerns, navigating health insurance, domestic violence support, veterans affairs, and more, which are not always financial. Visit more Resources here

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Child Therapy

New this June. For children ages five to twelve years old

that have experienced emotional stress or trauma.

New appointments are scheduled at 206.842.7621 by parents or guardians at the front desk. Learn more here.

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Summer Helpers Take Action!

Summer Helpers Take Action! Sign Up with Your kiddies/tweens. Opportunities are available July 8 through Aug 30 Parents or Guardians, Sign Up with Your Kids/Tweens for a one-hour shift(s) — family volunteering opportunities for children ages 7 to 13. Everyone's welcome. Learn more here.

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Household shoppers or youth in need are eligible for pre-packed kid-friendly breakfast, lunch, and snack items in addition to weekly food bank shopping. Learn more.

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Items include essential school supplies and a new backpack for local Pre-K through 12th graders preparing to attend an island public or private school. No pre-registration is needed.  Parents and guardians are welcome to make a phone appointment with social work for further assistance throughout the year. Learn more.

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Helpline House case managers provide scholarship referrals for local child care providers: Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers and Peacock Family Services, and the Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island. Learn more.


Helpline House families register at the front desk to ensure the celebration of their child's birthday!  Donors and volunteers provide appropriate gifts coordinated in advance. Learn more.

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The YES Fund keeps up with a child’s thirst to learn.  Local kids are able to join in any activity to nurture their desire to discover and explore without the socioeconomic differences holding back their participation with peers.  

Learn more.

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BI Park & Rec paperless* scholarships.

New eligibility guidelines offer support for households that didn't qualify before.  Please call 206.842.7621 or

Learn more.

Donors deliver $25 gift cards from local merchants.
Helpline House families do not need to register.
Learn more.

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