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Housing & Utility Program

Helpline House's Housing & Utility Assistance Program
provides eligible community members with rent/mortgage and utility assistance for
residents experiencing housing instability.

Call the front desk to schedule an appointment with a case manager:
Schedule a cost-free appointment M - F | 9 -5  206.842.7621  


The Kitsap County Housing Solutions Center is your first step in seeking housing assistance.

Go to KCR/ to fill out a form for rent or mortgage assistance.

or Call 360.801.2564 Email


Helpline House encourages those who live in our service area to schedule an appointment or complete the Rental Assistance application at If needed, the Housing Solutions Center is the only way to get referrals to Kitsap homeless shelters and get on the list for subsidized housing. Continue to combine further assistance.

Continue to Combine Further Assistance
Schedule a phone or face to face online appointment with a
Helpline House social worker for additional rental & utility assistance.  

Make a plan to recovery with local, state, or federal resources is available to local resident in need.  A cost-free and confidential appointment with Helpline House case manager will help keep members of our community safe and warm, to contribute to a stable home environment and prevent homelessness.

Got more questions?

We encourage you to ask a Helpline House case manager:
Schedule a cost-free appointment
 M - F | 9 -5  Call 206.842.7621  


Keep planning your return to stability with a Helpline House case manager.

Call 206.842.7621 to schedule an appointment today.

Utility Assistance

Salvation Army's Warm Home Fund

Schedule a cost-free appointment with a Helpline House social worker.

Weatherization Resources

Weatherization energy efficiency services can include:

  • air sealing measures such as weather stripping and caulking,

  • insulation measures,

  • health and safety issues such as indoor air quality

  • heating system repairs, and more

Call 360.473.2045 for Eligibility

Homes of Compassion.png

Are you interested in co-housing on Bainbridge?

For more information please ask the front desk!

In collaboration with Homes of Compassion, there is an Affordable Housing Opportunity on Bainbridge Island. A successful and proven master lease program, Homes of Compassion, is a housing intervention resource in Kitsap County to expand housing affordability by using existing homes to provide safe and affordable housing.

This affordable housing opportunity is suited for single, low-wage earners working on Bainbridge Island, so those who work here can live here with 4 to 5 roommates and call the community they all work in Home!

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