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Service Levels

Services not provided*

*Assistance may be available at other resources.  Visit Helpline's resource room or call the front desk at (206)842.7621 to make an appointment with a social worker.  

Payment unavailable for

•  car payments
•  car repairs
•  legal/attorney fees
•  computers or computer repair
•  car insurances (except for work)
•  tuition
•  storage lockers
•  legal fees such as traffic tickets
•  furniture

•  vacations/airfare

•  moving trucks/movers

•  funeral costs

•  narcotic prescriptions

•  holiday presents

•  credit card bills

•  cable bill


 Volunteers and staff 

  • can not give financial, legal or medical advice

  • can not accept presents or gifts

  • can not make house calls or give clients rides

  • can not accept a volunteer application while a client is receiving Helpline services (until after 18 months from last service date).

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