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Thank You Helpline House Supporters!

Friends of Helpline House,

Thank you so very much for all your support and advocacy recently. Thanks to you, Helpline House now has $100,000 from the Housing Trust Fund to support our neighbors facing housing insecurity. The Bainbridge Island City Council members heard from you all via phone and email and received the message that affordable housing is important to you and to this Island. They heard that our friends and neighbors facing housing insecurity should have a trusted place to turn and that Helpline House is that place.

Thank you to everyone who made your voice heard. The council voted unanimously to allocate the money to Helpline House.

The larger issue of affordable housing remains prominent and I am grateful for this community’s response to the developing 550 Madison situation. Helpline House agreed to use some of the Housing Trust Fund allocation on transitions for 550 Madison residents should it come to that. We are a community that cares for each other and that has been evident to me, more than ever, these past few weeks.

In gratitude,

Maria Metzler

Executive Director

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