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Monetary Contributions

Your financial contributions make it possible for Helpline House to empower people to weather crisis, and rebuild their lives through the food bank; the door that is always open to cost-free and confidential social services, referrals and resources.



Join Helpline House's 138+ adult and student volunteers who proudly help staff our food bank operations. Helpline House volunteers gain skills, meet new friends, learn to lend a helping hand, and provide crucial help to families and individuals in need.

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Food & Fundraising Drives

Donate or Start a Food and/or Toiletry Drive

Items you donate or bring to Helpline House by hosting a food or toiletry drive help keep our Food Bank fully stocked throughout the year. During the holidays, Thanksgiving Service and Book Nook are supplied by your generosity.

Interested in learning more about how to support Helpline House through legacy gifts? Please email us.

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