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Who's going?

All our island neighbors, community of supporters, volunteers, donors and those that have supported  a  Healthy & Whole Community are invited. Mark your calendars! Saturday | SEPT 29 | 11 AM - 4 PM

Is there an entrance fee?

No, this a free event.  We suggest you bring cash to purchase foods from the awesome food trucks. 

May I bring my dog?

It's better not to bring your dog for everyone's comfort and safety.  Service dogs are welcome.

What kind of kid activities will there be?

We leave to the experts, Peacock and KidiMu will provide age appropriate games and activities for the youngsters.

May I bring food donations?

This is not a fundraiser. We want you to enjoy the celebration of 50 years of supporting a Healthy & Whole Community and Neighbor Helping Neighbor.  Of course, there will be donation bins available, as always, but  bringing your friends, family and/ or neighbors will be just as nourishing. Fill everyone's memory bank, take pictures, make friends and enjoy your part in our community on this day of celebration.

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