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One Call for All Boosts Your Gift to Helpline up to 18%!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Why give online to Helpline via One Call for All? The answer may surprise you.

Gifts made through One Call for All are boosted in two important ways:

  1. No credit card transaction fees

  2. Each gift gets partially matched

Depending on which credit card you use, transaction fees normally can cost a charity up to 4% of your gift. What's more, One Call for All's partial match historically has added more than $5 on every gift of $50 or more. The partial match is actually a flat amount per qualifying gift, but it is by no means insignificant.

In other words, giving via One Call for All online can boost your gift by up to 18%!

To make a gift to Helpline using One Call for All, just go to our DONATE page and select the "Give via OCFA" button. Spread the word!

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