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Passions Empowered

Yes, Yes, Yes to every child that asks for a

musical instrument, a computer for coding or digital design, or a swimsuit for swim

lessons! In its third year, the Youth

Experiences Support (YES) fund

keeps up the momentum towards a

child’s desire to participate with


Teachers, counselors and coaches

advocate for younger kids and older kids

advocate for themselves.No parental or

guardian approval is needed. The intent is

for students to complete the quick and

confidential YES application process to

keep up with a child’s thirst to learn. Local

kids are able to join in any activity such as

one time event or ticket to join peers in a

group activity. Almost every request is

granted and fulfilled as soon as possible to

nurture a child’s desire to discover and

explore without the socioeconomic

differences holding back a child’s

participation with peers. Visit

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