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The Giving Season

The holiday season is a time of giving to family, friends and charities. It’s a wonderful time for families and organizations to share with others that are less fortunate, and food drives are a time-honored tradition in the community to help ensure that a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner is available to all.

In2015, Helpline House piloted a gift card program in lieu of Thanksgiving shopping in the food bank. It was hugely successful, enabling clients the freedom to shop when they needed and to purchase what they needed for their Thanksgiving dinner. It also resolved the capacity limitations of perishable food at Helpline House and the push to find volunteers to process the hundreds of pounds of food that was received from the community. This program has been so successful, Helpline House has once again decided to continue this service for 2018.

With this in mind, if you decide to donate to the food bank this year, please consider a monetary or gift card donation in support of this program. And of course, if your family or organization would like to conduct a food drive, please email volunteerservices@helpline to coordinate a delivery time Monday - Friday between 9 - 4 pm. Visit Thanksgiving Services to learn more about our most needed.

Thank you for thinking of Helpline House this holiday season,

Neighbor helping Neighbor, one neighbor at a time.

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