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A Hub for Hope

Some call it "the most important 60-square-feet on Bainbridge Island." For 39-year-old Hank, it is "survival from the streets" - a safe place to warm up. For 71 year-old Kathy, who once owned a thriving local business, it's a last resort to fill her fridge.

For everyone, the bustling Helpline House lobby/Food Bank is a Hub for Hope.

I see the heart of Bainbridge Island in Helpline House's food bank," Food Bank Manager Lianne Ristow says. "A cup of coffee, a pastry, and a warm lobby to sit and share conversation with friends and neighbors. A food bank to shop filled by the donations of a generous community and staffed by volunteers who are here because they believe everyone deserves nutritious and delicious foods." Read more here.

*Names changed for confidentiality.

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