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COVID-19 brought the Adams* family to Helpline House in March after Dad had lost his restaurant job and the family, which included two children, could not pay their rent. Helpline House was able to help with April rent and the case manager discussed other available resources for the family, such as BARN Bites and the availability of breakfast and lunch distribution at Ordway School. The family shops at the food bank weekly and Mom reached out again in April for help with paying their PSE bill through Warm Home Funds. Her case manager also referred her to DSHS to apply for the Disaster Cash Assistance program. This family is very appreciative of the assistance Helpline House provides during this stressful time.

Our community’s spirit has always endeavored to meet those who need a helping hand. Together, we’ve seen neighbors recover from financial and emotional crises and we will again through the COVID-19 recovery.

More of our neighbors will find themselves needing financial and emotional support for the first time. Neighbors in need can call 206.842.7621to schedule a confidential phone appointment and begin remote services with a social worker. Helpline House’s case managers are helping households find and manage financial support for rental assistance, utility relief, and more.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.

**Cost-free services for local community members.

Our resources page can help anyone to get started to access more information now. Go too

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