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Assistance for Housing & Utility Payments

Helpline House's Housing & Utility Assistance Program helps community members in need to make ends meet.

This program provides community members in need with a plan for rent/mortgage and utility payment assistance. Case managers are available to help you during your financial recovery to pay bills and coordinate with local, state, and federal resources to a pathway to stability.

Are you facing financial difficulties? If you are unsure of how you're going to pay your rent/mortgage and utility bills, among her other bills, a Helpline House case manager will help you begin assessing your needs and access to resources via phone or video conference(s). Case managers work with local, county, state and federal programs to maximize for longer term solutions.

Step 1: Schedule a phone appointment

Call 206.842.7621 or email to book a free phone or video conference with a social worker.

The intake coordinator will need your

  • primary contact phone number

  • primary email

  • availability between M-F, 9 am - 4 pm

  • a summary of your critical need(s)

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