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Critical Needs Now

Updated: May 19, 2020

Helpline House is not a one size fits all support. Our services meet people where they're at for a Healthy & Whole Community. How can Helpline House help you?

A local business owner with two children scheduled an appointment with a social worker, we'll call her Mrs. Smith*. Overrun with anxiety and fear, she didn't know how she was going to pay rent, her energy bill, or feed her children. Through community contributions and city funding, we were able to pay her rent, bring her up to date on her energy bills, and provide nutritious food for her family. Her tears of relief spoke volumes.

No one should be alone during these uncertain times. Helpline House’s case managers are helping households find and manage financial support through local, state and federal resources. During these times of unprecedented change, we are meeting with people we would not normally encounter, like small

business owners who are simply trying to

figure out how to pay bills and put food on

the table for their families. 

Case managers are knowledgable experts that listen with compassion and help you begin the first steps for your personal financial or emotional recovery or both.

Your critical needs list may look like this:
  1. Groceries

  2. Rental assistance

  3. Prescriptions needed

  4. Utilities and Internet costs

  5. Emotional support

Uncertainty may last longer than we can predict, but getting help managing essential needs and making ends meet is available now—free and private support to prevent homelessness thanks to our supporters and community partners. Helpline House provides our community members confidential care - cost-free. That's the circle of giving and receiving in our island community - Neighbor helping Neighbor - since 1967. As the economic fall out plays out, social workers are ready to help more neighbors needing financial and emotional support for the first time. Staff, partners, and donors have stepped up to provide the best plan for each household in need with care, dignity, and continued support for as long as needed. Reach out by phone M - F between 9 am to 5 pm to schedule a phone appointment or face to face online talk with a case manager. It's okay to ask for help, we'll get through these challenging times together. The social work page has more details to help you get started.

*Name changed for confidentiality.

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