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K5 Home Team Harvest and Safeway Connect Bainbridge Islanders!

K5 Home Team Harvest and Safeway Connect Bainbridge Islanders!

Thank you, Bainbridge Island Safeway customers that gave at the register during the K5

Home Team Harvest effort . Each of you pushed a bag toward record-breaking donations

during your grocery shopping last November and December. Helpline House's food bank

manager revealed, "The Island Safeway customers who purchased $10 bags donated a total

of $63,650 worth of $50 Safeway gift cards for the food bank!"

Thanks to everyone's help and generosity this year, Bainbridge Island's Safeway store

managers and cashiers in partnership with Northwest Harvest, gave gift cards to Helpline

House who passed them directly onto Island households in need, including 163 first-time

families who had never before asked for help. Like many new stories this season, an

emotionally moved woman confided at the curbside food pantry, "Thank you so much. This

helps more than you can imagine."

Your efforts quickly grew to connect K5 Home Team Harvest and Northwest Harvest's new

gift card process that gave neighbors a chance to choose the most useful and meaningful

food to them - offering dignity and flexibility to those facing food insecurity. The gift cards

help avoid hours-long car lines and get shoppers into local grocery stores. The connection of

community continues throughout the distribution process that extends food choices to

families for their nutrition needs or cultural diets.

Helpline House's curbside food bank can help you or your neighbor bridge the gap when a

household's income isn't meeting basic needs. All Bainbridge Islanders are eligible to use the food bank. No income information is necessary from 12 to 4 pm, weekdays, except

Wednesdays. Grocery delivery is available; call our partners at Island Volunteer Caregivers

or visit

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