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Your Kitsap Great Give Gift Supports New Faces!

Dear friends of Helpline House,

You. Are. Amazing. You really are. You looked around, saw a pandemic, lost jobs, neighbors suffering, and you chose to reach out and provide hope and help. Thank you. Thank you for your donation through the Kitsap Great Give!

Your donation helps keep the food bank open, helps with rent and utilities for our community in need, and assures Bainbridge Islanders that there will always be help for them when they need it.

We are seeing new faces at Helpline House these days and we love that! Seeing you all makes our day because it is exactly what we are here for, and what you all make possible.

Thank you for all your support, especially these days. Please know your gifts make such a difference to our neighbors in need.

Thanks for making this Island such an incredible place. With gratitude, Maria Metzler, Helpline House Executive Director

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