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Local Volunteer Opportunities

Bainbridge Island


Volunteer Kitsap -

Bainbridge Island Community Foundation -

Bainbridge Island Art Museum -

The Borgen Project -

City of Bainbridge Island -

Island Volunteer Caregivers -


Islandwood -

KiDiMu -

Bainbridge Island Land and Trust -

Salish Sea Expeditions

Bainbridge Island School District -

Bainbridge Island Fire Department -

Other ways to volunteer:

  • A hospital

  • Your local library

  • Food kitchen or pantry

  • Walk a dog

  • Take an elderly person to get groceries

  • Run errands for someone who can’t get out

  • Read to people

  • Visit a nursing home and read, play bingo, hug someone

  • Try looking up your zip code in Google and learning about what’s around you. Chances are you’ll see needs you were previously unaware of.

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