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One Neighbor At A Time

Founded in the 1960s as a food bank in response to the "war on poverty", Helpline House is a community-funded non-profit agency providing a full range of services.

Basic services are provided cost-free to those in need. Needs are defined broadly, and are not always financial.

Any community member in crisis or in need of social work consultation, volunteer opportunities or other related service is welcome at Helpline House.

Helpline House is centrally located in Winslow on Knechtel Way.

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What brought neighbors to Helpline House in September 2016?
In their own words...a partial list

  • Moved to Bainbridge. Looking for assistance with insurance, etc.
  • Assistance with 1st month's rent and/or deosit
  • Need emergency help with lodging/gas.
  • Having a hard time paying bills.
  • ORCA card, KCR energy assistance
  • Need help with bureaucratic processes
  • Counseling

Social Workers noted for September:

1. Assisted both childcare agencies by doing scholarship assessments to determine participant eligibility and working families who needed scholarships for their children by assessing their financial eligibility which determines the amount of the scholarship. nd Boys and Girls Club. Housing Solutions, KCR Energy Assistance and Kitsap Mental Health have workers onsite to provide service for island residents.

2. 1. Helped rewrite the Veterans Assistance Fund (VAF) manual which allowed for more financial assistance to be given to our Veterans.

3. 1. Signed clients up for Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) energy assistance program. In August, KCR notifies agencies that their calendar to make appointments is opening soon. Helpline House keeps a list of clients who have requested energy assistance in the past so those clients can be signed up quickly for appointments.

The Volunteer Managers noted for September:

1. With the beginning of the school year, we launched new video training designed to orient student volunteers to food bank work. Hyla Middle School began their weekly team volunteer efforts in the food bank, a tradition of over 15 years at Helpline.

2. More appropriate emergency food services for people using the food bank who do not have access to a kitchen were implemented. "Kitchenless" bags of ready to eat food are now available at the food bank, and have also been provided to Bainbridge Island Police Department for use when Helpline is not open.

3. Review and inspection of the TEFAP (commodities) program at Helpline resulted in some modifications to the system used at Helpline House. Shelving the commodities food with other food items, and use of computer tracking has not only simplified the volunteer's workflow, but provides better access to this category of food by clients.

Helpline House