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Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance

Schedule a cost-free appointment M - F | 9 -5  206.842.7621  

Rental assistance funds enable our community members to devote their resources to other crucial expenses. We encourage those who live in our service area to schedule a cost-free phone appointment with a social worker to assist with a plan to recovery. 

Helpline House cost-free and confidential social services assist with the best local, state, and federal resources available. Helpline House's mission is to keep members of our community safe and warm, and to contribute to a stable home environment.




Kitsap Housing Solutions Center 

As of 4/28/2020

CARES act funding for

COVID-19 Rental Assistance is available.

Got to - scroll down to link to application for COVID-19 Rental Assistance* 


Call 360.801.2564



*Combine further assistance, schedule a phone or face to face online appointment with a Helpline House social worker for additional rental & utility assistance.


housing & utility



Helpline House's  

Housing & Utility Assistance Program

Helpline House's Housing & Utility Assistance Program provides eligible local community members with rent or mortgage costs for residents experiencing housing instability.  

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Schedule a cost-free appointment M - F | 9 -5  206.842.7621  

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