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Police clean up vacant homeless encampment near SR 305

Bainbridge Island police and a volunteer cleaned up a homeless encampment Wednesday morning after two residents vacated the site, near SR 305 and High School Road.

In early February, police became aware that two people staying at the homeless encampment, located on property owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), had left the area. One of the residents, with assistance from Helpline House social workers, accepted a permanent housing solution in Bremerton.

Once the area was vacated, the City began working with WSDOT to post No Trespassing signs, so that people are aware they cannot occupy the site, as it will be a construction zone for a trail segment in the near future. Staff from Helpline House spoke with both former residents to ensure that they were aware that they could not return to the site, and to offer help with collecting any remaining personal items from the site. "The City is appreciative of this support from Helpline House and other community partners," said City Manager Morgan Smith.

Currently, there are still two other people staying at a homeless encampment near SR 305, north of the vacated site. The residents continue to work with their church community and Helpline House to find housing. "We're hopeful that, with the partnership of others, the rest of the individuals who are camping are able to find housing," said Helpline House Executive Director Maria Metzler.

The remaining homeless encampment will not be affected by the development of the new trail segment. Read here:

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