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Building Warmer Resources Together!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Everybody can be a little bit warmer on the inside and out!

Did you know there’s another way you can make a difference? You can help a with low/fixed income neighbor’s electrical bill. Our partners at Puget Sound Electric provide assistance for bill payment through the Warm Home Funds.

You can help your island neighbors like Alice* stay warm this winter as she struggles to make ends meet because of overwhelming cancer treatment expenses. She won’t have to decide which bill: Medicare, rent or transportation to pay last or not at all as more resources are made available with your help.

It’s simple. Donate along with your next utility bill payment. Mail-in or donate online your PSE bill along with a donation of any size you wish. That’s it.

Helpline House social workers rely on Warm Home Funds to assist our neighbors in the colder months. Every dollar donated on Bainbridge Island stays on Bainbridge Island and goes to our neighbors in need. Every $5 helps.

Building more resources together so everybody can be a little bit warmer this winter.

Learn more about your financial gift for qualified customers needing additional bill-payment assistance at

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